Zoom AMC: Conference Calls Coming To A Theater Near You

What does the latest Zoom AMC partnership mean for business owners and marketers? According to reports, the entertainment giant will be offering its movie theaters as venues for corporate events and meetings. The move is interesting from a business perspective, but how will this partnership work? Here’s what we know so far.

Why would AMC pivot?

In an effort to grow its business, AMC announced a partnership with Zoom, the video-calling service. This move is interesting as a pivot toward what is currently working in the entertainment industry. Streaming releases have led to fewer moviegoers, even after the end of Covid-19 lockdowns. The drop in people going to the movies has been felt across the industry. As a result, AMC is turning its focus towards hosting corporate events such as conferences and meetings in its empty theaters.

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Complementing parts

AMC is expanding its business by partnering with video-calling tech firm Zoom. According to released statements, the entertainment giant will offer some of its movie theaters for corporate events. The move is interesting from a business perspective, especially considering AMC has worked to diversify its revenue streams. According to the release, Zoom will provide the people necessary to make this happen, while AMC will offer space in their theaters for conferences and other events.

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How will the partnership impact each business?

One of the best benefits of partnering with Zoom is its flexibility. For example, if a company has to cancel due to weather or an emergency, it can easily reschedule its Zoom conference call without impacting staff availability. Plus, Zoom conference calls are mobile-friendly, so traveling employees can take them on the go from anywhere in the world. Additionally, Zoom conference calling has many features that make it easy for everyone involved to be heard.

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All this flexibility disappears if you create a designated meeting room. So why is this convenient for Zoom? Well, it adds the one thing Zoom is missing: physical interaction. According to reports, AMC will offer several options for events with Zoom, including confectionary access and potentially even movie screenings. AMC will create a new stream of clients that buys in bulk rather than individual ticket sales.


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