What you’ll find in the Hogwarts Legacy Official Trailer Released a Few Days Before the Launch

There are only a few days left until the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, the official trailer released a few days before the launch is “giving us life”. Showcasing the most amount of gameplay that we’ve seen so far, the trailer offers a glimpse into the battles, new monsters that will make a debut, spells, and much more. 

Hogwarts Legacy has made a name for itself by being the first, fully featured, Harry Potter RPO-style game that is launching after years of waiting. Every player will begin the game as a fifth-year student who has to catch up with the rest of his schoolmates. 

The only way to do this is to play the game and beat the obstacles. Guided by unique instructions from the professors, you’ll uncover a compelling storyline, full of challenges and mysteries including adventures on mounts, learning spells, and completing an array of quests. 

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So, what else does the game’s official trailer let on? Let’s find out in this Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough:

  • The Wizard’s Field Guide

At the beginning of the trailer, you’ll hear these words, “ in light of your unique situation, we’ve devised something extraordinary to ensure your success”. After these words, you’ll see an enchanted book, referred to as The Wizard’s Field Guide.

The guide will specifically assist during gameplay, so you can catch up on the magical tips without falling behind. The information you’ll find here will give you an ace against the quest, and challenges and equally help you go head-on with the monsters. 

  • The Mandrakes and greenhouses
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The trailer introduces you to Mirabel Garlick, a red-haired herbology professor, alongside your classmates who are pulling mandrakes- the magical plant from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 

  • A closer look at other Hogwart professors

Apart from herbology, the trailer also showcases another professor turning into a mystical unicorn, while a different professor conjures up a butterfly. There’s a mention of the elusive professor Weasley who’s always a joy to learn from. Together with the introduction to your professors, an ominous statement also says that you’ll have things to do outside your normal school curriculum. 

  • The Vivarium in more detail

As a wholesome gamer, you’ll be thrilled to catch another glimpse of the Vivarium, which is the outdoor area where you can nurture magical creatures. As you enter your Vivarium, the house elf, Deek, will help you meet your requirements. 

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Professor Fig is a delighted confidant in the game and is ready to take you to a strange-looking cave. Mysterious enough, huh? The voice-over lets you know that you’ll be spending some time away from the castle whilst discovering new places. This lets you know that you’ll have bigger fish to fry than your Hogwarts homework! Ha!

Honorable Mentions

Other things that will catch your eye in the trailer include animated suits of armor, distressed Hippogriff, beautiful fight sequences and strange magic that will spark your interest immediately! But you only have to wait a few more days before you delve into all the Hogwarts Legacy goodness!

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