Thursday, September 28, 2023

What Is Impound Van Insurance? How Does It Work?

Van drivers depend on their vehicles for travel, work, and leisure, and the van is an important part of routine life for millions of people in the UK. We understand that if anything happens to your van, you want to get it on the road as early as possible. If your van is impounded, the scenario becomes more complicated.

The problem many van drivers face is that some insurance providers simply will not cover you once your vehicle has been impounded, and those that do often impose excessive insurance premiums. Even if you can get impounded vehicle insurance, you will need it to be as reasonable as possible, as fees and fines from the police and pound can add up to a massive bill. Not only that but a driving conviction, pending or not, that you get as a result of the accident can push the price of insurance up even higher.

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With so much to think about and various costs involved, you have to be sure that you are completely covered by a policy customized to suit your budget and one that will help you regardless of driving convictions or having your van impounded.

Here at Release my vehicle, we select to do business a bit differently from others. Far from excluding drivers with driving convictions, or those who have had their van impounded, we try to find you insurance that takes you and your actual conditions into account. We don’t generalize or stereotype we use only actual facts and details for our insurance quotes meaning you get suitable coverage at a reasonable price.

All our years of experience go into every insurance policy we source providing you with insurance quotes from across our large panel of insurance providers to help find one that meets your requirements. You will not be able to release your van out of impound without a minimum temporary impound insurance but with Release my vehicle quick, simple, and affordable quotes, you can waste no time getting covered and back on the road as early as possible.

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Impounded van insurance features

From standard vans impounded with no insurance to massively modified pickups parked illegally, from people with years behind the wheel through to brand new drivers, we will look for the best quote for you whatever your circumstance.

Here are some of the benefits of impounded van insurance plans include:

  • Insurance is offered for van drivers with a large range of driving convictions and even those with points on licenses.
  • Our quotes are quick and simple to get, trimming down the length of time that your van is impounded.
  • Whatever type of van you drive, we can find a quote to meet your requirements.
  • A large range of added discounts and extras are available on our temporary impound insurance for vans providing you extra protection whilst keeping insurance premiums down.
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With cheapest impounded van insurance from Release my vehicle, you can be secure and safe in the knowledge that you are in the hands of insurance professionals, with our years of experience. With helpful UK-based call centers, you can call us and speak directly with a member of our professional team avoiding frustrating online forms and call systems.

Our cheapest van insurance quotes are available on the call and our experienced staff is ready and waiting to assist you. You can call us anytime you need.

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