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The Rig: Trailer revealed for Amazon Prime show set on North Sea platform

Amazon Prime has finally revealed the trailer for “The Rig”, its supernatural thriller set in the North Sea.

The trailer shows the crew on board tackling the elements and a mysterious force as a fog engulfs them off the coast of Scotland.

Game of Thrones alum Iain Glen leads the team as OIM “Magnus MacMillan”, alongside Line of Duty Star Martin Compston as communications manager “Fulmar Hamilton” and Schitts Creek’s Emily Hampshire as “Rose Mason”.

The crew also includes Owen Teale as “Lars Hutton” and Mark Bonnar as “Alwyn Evans”, with the cast all having a link to names of real-life offshore assets.

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The Rig is due to air on Amazon Prime on January 6, according to the trailer, having been shot exclusively in Scotland.

It will follow the crew of the fictional Kishorn Bravo, stationed off the Scottish coast, which will see them cut off from all communication from the outside world.

As they try to discover what’s behind the all-enveloping fog, “bonds are broken, allegiances formed and generational fault lines exposed” as they deal with forces “beyond their imagination”, Amazon said.

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© Supplied by Amazon Prime
Emily Hampshire as Rose Mason in ‘The Rig’.

Amazon has even gone so far during production as to hire Aberdeen-based firms to help with the production, including North Sea Core and HRH Geology to provide the set with authentic industry equipment and materials.

However it hasn’t stopped the industry from poking fun at the first images from the show, released last year.

PPE specialist Red Wing’s Kenny Robertson said Martin Compston would “be up for a disciplinary” if he showed up on a real-life North Sea rig without gloves, a hard hat or goggles, as shown in the promotionary materials.

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Others have pointed out that a “mysterious and all-enveloping fog” as promoted by the synopsis for the show “used to be a normal day at Scatsta”.

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