Simple strategy to get lots of MT in NBA 2K23 Season 5

If you want to make a ton of MT in NBA 2K23’s Season 5, check out the new NBA Series 2 collections. These collections are only available in packs and at the auction house, so check out the prices for the gold versions of these cards. The sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds from the Series 2 collection are less valuable than the gold cards, but you can still profit from them.

How to Earn and Sell Gold Cards for Maximum Profit?

The gold cards are going for a lot of MT, so if you have any of them, make sure you’re selling them to make the most of your MT. For example, Seth Curry’s gold card is for around 9,900 MT. If you have one of these cards, you can list it for a slightly lower price than the lowest one on the market, such as listing it for around 7,000 MT. Another great way to obtain these gold cards is through the player or mystery player packs. You can earn these by playing game modes, so if you have any of these packs, make sure you’re opening them up. You must always find out what kind of gold cards you might get from these packs.

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The Best Way to Maximize Your MT Now

Finally, the best way to make MT is by sniping these Series 2 gold cards. To do this, you need to set your filter to the Series 2 collection and then set it to gold. This will show you the cheapest gold cards in the game. Find the lowest price and set your filter to just under that price, like 2,900 MT. This way, you can find cards worth more than the owner’s request. You can also find out which team has the most expensive gold cards and set your filter to that team specifically to try and snipe rare cards.

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Sniping these cards is the best way to make MT right now in NBA 2K23, so check your collection and open up player packs to see if you have any of these gold cards. If you do, ensure you’re selling them; if not, you can try sniping them to make a nice profit.

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