Pros and Cons of Using Custom Inflatable Tents in Marketing Your Business

Inflatable tents have gained immense popularity among outdoor event organizers as well as big and small businesses. Available in unique shapes and styles, these fantastic portable structures help attract instant attention, gain higher visibility, and increase foot traffic to boost your brand image.

Incorporating custom inflatable tents and structures into your marketing strategy is a great way to stand out in the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your potential customers.

Nothing gives a more prominent branding presence than inflatable canopy tents that can be customized according to your marketing needs. These blow-up tents come with all the conveniences of a regular outdoor canopy tent, plus some more!

But are inflatable canopies the true workhorses for your marketing goals? Before we make a judgment, let’s explore the various pros and cons of using custom inflatable event tents for your marketing campaign.

Pros of Using Custom Inflatable Tents

Pro #1 Increase Brand Exposure and Recognition

Dominate all your outdoor events and brand activations using promotional inflatable tents and arches. Whether it’s a special event, trade show, marketing exhibition, or sporting event, these inflatable canopies help create the perfect gathering spot to meet all your promotion goals. 

With interesting colors and styles, inflatable tents are fun and provide a natural photo backdrop for selfies and pictures with loved ones. Now, your visitors might share those on social media tagging the event name and location, thus increasing your brand awareness. 

Believe it or not, this will take your special event marketing efforts to the next level.

Pro #2 Fully Customizable

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Inflatable tents are widely used in big and small events as they are highly customizable and not limited by manufacturing constraints, as in the case of standard pole tents.

Since these blow-up tents use nothing but air for their structural support, they can be made in virtually any shape, style, or design to attract visitors and stand out at any indoor/outdoor event. When it comes to creativity in inflatables, the sky is the limit!

Pro #3 Custom Printing Options

Adding to their incredible versatility, some manufacturers also allow inflatable tents to be custom printed in your choice of colors to match or complement the brand theme. Just like custom printed pop up tents, these air tents can also be accented with your brand logo, text, or eye-catching graphics/artwork to uplift the overall visual appeal.

Moreover, they provide 360-degree branding as the digital artwork can be printed on the interior and exterior of the inflatable structure.

Pro #4 Superior Durability

Keeping the outdoors in mind, portable inflatable shelters are made using highly durable materials featuring a high degree of tear resistance. Also, they can take on harsh weather conditions, such as high winds, rain, and scorching sun.

Unlike traditional outdoor canopy tents, an inflatable tent or arch works equally well indoors and outdoors. These are lightweight, low-maintenance tents with minimal wear-and-tear issues.

Note that instead of standard poles as supports, inflatable tents have air beams inflated via a pump to help support the tent structure. This is why you don’t have to worry about breakages as they don’t have poles. Also, they tend to perform better in windy conditions as the beams simply snap back into shape every time they are deformed by strong gusts.

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Pro #5 Easier to Use and Set-Up

The blow-up tents inflate big in minutes. With no frames, these tents require no assembly or height adjustment. That is why they are much easier to work with than a heavy duty pop up canopy where you need to know how to set up poles!

Using just one pump, you can set up the tent in a matter of minutes. Depending on the size of the tent, it may not require more than one or two people for the installation process. You can also deflate the tent simply by turning the pump off.

Pro #6 Easily Portable & Reusable

One of the biggest benefits of an inflatable tent is that it is reusable, and you can take it anywhere you go for promotion.

Unlike billboards, radio, print, or online ads often used for business advertising, branded inflatables can be used again and again. While you can’t shift billboards from one place to another, you can take the same inflatable structure to different outdoor events, trade shows, or festivals for ten times greater visibility.

Not just the small ones, even the larger inflatables are quite portable and can be carried from one event to another without hassle. Once deflated, it can be packed down small inside a bag on a truck or squeezed inside a saddlebag on a motorcycle.

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Cons of Using Custom Inflatable Tents

Con #1 Heavier Than Traditional Pole Tents

One of the most common issues with inflatable canopy tents is that they are heavier when compared to standard outdoor canopy tents. When deflated, a similar-sized inflatable tent might weigh twice as a typical pole tent, mainly because it has to be one single large piece. This might make custom inflatable tents a little less desirable for some events, especially mobile marketing tours.

Con #2 Slightly More Expensive

Yes, inflatable tents are somewhat more expensive than similar-sized standard pole tents. The reason is the more robust design and use of relatively advanced technology to make them. But if you go to events regularly, they are surely a good investment for any business!

Con #3 Carry A Pump, Always!

Inflating these structures manually is out of the question for bigger units. Moreover, these are not the kind of inflatables you can blow up using your lungs! This is why make sure you always pack a pump with you – without a mistake! Or else, you can’t simply get the tent inflated yourself. Note that some high-end tent manufacturers provide a pump along with the tent.


Inflatable custom tents have come a long way from being prone to punctures or even exploding to tents that are solid, super-convenient, and your favorite marketing tool. After going through the pros and cons of inflatable tents, we hope you’ll be able to decide whether you want one to boost your marketing strategy and get noticed at the next event.

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