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Ponticelli begins maintenance work at Total’s Alima

Workers from Ponticelli Frères are going to work on TotalEnergies’ Alima FPU, in Congo Brazzaville, for a planned 16 days of maintenance.

The vessel is on the Moho Bilondo field. Total has not yet responded to a request for comment on the impact on production of maintenance at the vessel.

Ponticelli has said it will carry out work into December on the FPU. It will mobilise up to 200 people for the work.

© Supplied by Ponticelli
Picture shows; Alima FPU. Congo Brazzaville. Supplied by Ponticelli

The company has a long track record of working with Total in Congo. It has worked on Phase 1 Bis of the Moho Nord development, starting up in 2015.

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It won work on the fabric maintenance contract in 2021 on the Moho Bilondo and Moho Nord projects. This included the Alima FPU, in addition to the Likouf FPU and a tension-leg platform (TLP).

The Alima FPU began producing from two reservoirs in 2008. The Phase 1 Bis involved upgrading of the FPU and connections to nine new wells, taking capacity to 40,000 barrels per day.

Total launched Moho Nord in 2017 to develop the two remaining reservoirs, this involved the TLP and the Likouf FPU.

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In September, Ponticelli reported it had carried out a complex lifting operation for Total in Congo, at the TLP. Its crane maintenance team replaced cables on a crane, it said.

It also carried out crane maintenance at two cranes on Alima in March.

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