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Patrick Wojahn, the Mayor of College Park was taken into custody on Thursday March 2, 2023. Do you want to know the truth behind these allegations? Are you looking for more information about Patrick? To find out more about Patrick, people in the United States use the internet.

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Why was College Park Mayor Patrick arrested?

Patrick Wojahn was arrested in College Park, Maryland for sharing inappropriate images of children on social media. On Thursday, the Prince George County Police Department detained Wojahn in the house. On February 17, 2023 the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children complained about major illegal acts that were threatening children’s safety.

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Patrick Wojahn belongs to the Democratic Party.the police investigated using various investigative techniques and captured him with evidence. Two dozen videos were taken by the police, including multiple cell phone footage, as well as a tablet and storage device.

Also, inappropriate images and videos of young boys engaging in unethical behavior. Kik is a social media platform that allows you to share offensive videos. Patrick was implicated in the act around January. Officers issued Kik a warrant for him to turn over the information about Patrick. Patrick Wojahn, aDemocrat, attended Tuesday’s White House South Lawn Meeting. We share information from trusted online sources in this write-up.

What charges are being brought against Patrick?

Sources claim that Patrick uploaded 15 child-obscene videos to the Kik app. For his many crimes, the politician was given multiple charges. Patrick was convicted of 56 child videos, 40 child explosive material possession charges, and 16 counts of distribution.

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Who’s Patrick’s Widow?

People search for Patrick’s details after blowing off the news about mayor Patrick’s crime. In our search, we found that he was married to an employee at Hubbard Radio Washington DC (who also owns WTOP).

What’s Patrick’s education?

Patrick Wojahn graduated with a Bachelor in Arts in International Relations between Germany and Russia. After receiving a University of Wisconsin-Madison degree in International relations between Germany and Russia, he enrolled at Georgetown University Law Center to study law.

Patrick was present at a White House meeting on Tuesday. Patrick was accompanied by Dave Kolesar (WTOP’s senior broadcast engineer). The couple celebrates the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act by the President of the United States.

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They had been fighting for marriage equality since 2004, and they were happy to finally see it happen. However, Patrick’s recent arrest left them disappointed. They fought for Maryland marriage. Patrick and Dave filed a lawsuit in an attempt to enter into a legally binding relationship. Later, in Maryland, out-of-state marriage was legalized. The couple got married in 2011. Marriage was legalized in the state.

College Park residents are shocked and surprised by Patrick Wojahn’s arrest. The arrest is shocking to many. Kik App complained about Patrick’s illegal actions to the National Organization for Children.


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