NBA 2K23 Moves: How to master Allen Iverson’s signature moves?

Allen Iverson is one of the most iconic players of the 2000s era, and rightfully so. His innovative crossover revolutionized the game of basketball, inspiring many to try and emulate his style. It is no wonder that everyone wants to play like him in the latest NBA 2K23. In this article, we will showcase how to recreate his game in the game and master his signature moves.

Non-Ball Hand Switchback Combo

The first signature combo for Allen Iverson is his signature non-ball hand switchback combo. This is done by tapping the right stick from right to left or left to right with the ball in your non-ball hand. Repeating this four times will execute a signature size-up combo chain. After completing the combo, you can either launch out of the crossover and get to the basket or add a different dribble to change the animation. Some of AI’s signature moves include stepbacks, spin moves and triple front crossovers.

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Mastering the Triple Front Crossover

The triple front crossover is done by tapping the right stick up-left and then upright with a ball in your left hand or up-left to upright and then up-left with the ball in your right hand. It is a great way to start combos, as it creates an easy rhythm to dribble.

Between-the-Legs and Front Crossover Combo

The next combo chain for AI is a double between-the-legs combo directly into a front crossover. This is done by tapping the right stick from right to left with the ball in your left hand. The pace needs to be measured. Otherwise, you will execute a switchback combo. You can fool your defender and beat them on the bounce if you add different escape dribble combos.

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Escape Combos and Behind-the-Back Dribble Move

AI also has one of the most excellent heavy escape combos: holding R2 and tapping the right stick right or left towards your ball hand. You can also use his signature behind-the-back escape dribble by holding R2 and tapping the right stick down left or right. This is an excellent hesitation dribble move that can create an open lane to a crossover counter or set up a different move.

Mastering AI’s Signature Moves

To master AI’s signature style, you need to blend all of his signature moves. Start with a triple front crossover, double tween into a front crossover, add in switchbacks, tween escape dribbles, behind-the-back escape dribbles, and then end with a significant stepback jumper. This will catch your defender off guard and create endless ways to beat them off the bounce.

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In conclusion, Allen Iverson is one of the most fun players in NBA 2K23, and his signature moves will take your game to the next level. You can recreate his signature street ball style with this guide and take it to the court in NBA 2K23.


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