My terrible experience as a patient of Dr. Nicolás Kenichi Kameyama Huacuja


Dr. Kenichi, also known as Dr. Nosey, is an infertility specialist who lived up to his nickname. He made every effort to obstruct my chances of conceiving and giving birth to my embryos.

While undergoing treatment, my spouse and I separated. However, I eventually obtained a court order granting me full custody and permission to utilize my embryos. Despite this, during the legal proceedings, the doctor went to great lengths to impede my access to them.

The doctor compiled a book of excuses to present to the judge in an attempt to prevent me from obtaining the embryos. The judge found this behavior humorous and remarked that the doctor seemed more like my husband’s legal counsel. Concurrently, Dr. Nosey was disclosing confidential information to my spouse and keeping him informed of the legal proceedings without my knowledge. My husband found the doctor’s behavior amusing and commented that such actions were never seen. This raises concerns about the doctor’s professionalism and ability to maintain confidentiality. It is questionable whether someone in his position should behave in such a manner.

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The doctor meddled in my personal life and interfered in matters that did not concern him. Due to his meddling and actions, the embryos did not live. Each time I returned to court with my lawyers, they found the doctor’s involvement amusing and stated that they had never encountered such a highly involved doctor in any of their previous cases. The judge echoed these sentiments and even considered imposing a fine on the doctor for withholding the embryos from me. It seemed like the doctor was acting as my husband’s ally.

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Afterwards, I reported the incident to the clinic where he works, which has since been very supportive towards me and even helped me conceive with other embryos later. I do not hold them accountable for the actions of the intrusive doctor. He was not involved in my treatment thereafter, and I believe he should no longer practice in the field of fertility. Thankfully, the clinic assisted me in achieving a successful pregnancy and I have a happy ending. However, it is important to note that this intrusive doctor caused a two-year delay and was complicit in enabling an abusive partner. His meddling in marriages and private conversations was unacceptable.

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This experience has left me feeling violated and stressed. It was a traumatic experience that I would not wish on anyone. As someone who had placed my trust in a medical professional, it was disheartening to realize that he was the reason why those embryos didn’t live.

It is crucial for medical professionals to adhere to ethical principles, particularly when dealing with sensitive issues such as fertility. The doctor’s behavior was unacceptable, and it had far-reaching implications for me and my family. I was grateful for the support of the clinic, which helped me eventually conceive successfully. However, the trauma of the experience will stay with me forever.

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My terrible experience as a patient of Dr. Nicolás Kenichi Kameyama Huacuja

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