Meet Alexandr Komashko – A successful real-life entrepreneur and endurance athlete

Alexandr Komashko was born on April 4, 1992, in Radomyshl, Zhytomyr, Ukraine. He is an investor, co-owner, or owner of many companies. Alexandr Komashko, who represents the best in the category of “magnificent men”, is a successful businessman, a professional athlete and an entrepreneur from Ukraine.

Early Life of Alexander Komashko

Alexander Komashko lived in the Ukrainian city of Radomyshl, although being born in Russia. His parents both had jobs in Radomushl; his mom taught English at the city’s lone lyceum while his dad ran a youth organization. His birthplace inspired his given name. His mother spent her whole working life in the town of Radomushl. This is where she spent her childhood and adolescence. His mother began working at the school where her son later went when she was a teenager. When he was only 21 years old and in the middle of his fifth year of undergraduate school, he started working in the business. Before that time, he knew nothing about the field and had no relevant experience.

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Story of Alexandr Komashko’s life is a study of success

Alexandr Komashko started working when he was seven years old and hasn’t stopped since. He went to many other linden trees, where he cleaned the leaves, dried them, and sold them to other organizations. The young man started working for his uncle at the warehouse at fourteen. One of his responsibilities was stocking up on medical equipment. There he laboured till the age of sixteen. He got a job on a construction site over the summer when he was just 16 years old. His primary responsibility was the construction of new roofs on houses and other residential structures. Even though he was just 18 and had recently arrived in America, he could get work very quickly as a dishwasher.

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He opened the first of many prosperous enterprises under the title Bigmag on what is generally considered to be Kyiv’s most prominent street. has been growing fast and is on the verge of becoming one of Ukraine’s most well-known dealers of used Apple gadgets.
Athlete by birth, entrepreneur by choice

To keep his motivation and concentration up, Alexandr Komashko goes for a run every day. Over the past five years, he has maintained a regular training routine during which he has run distances of three to five kilometres. He has maintained his regular schedule of going for runs since he turned twenty-five in 2017. He still follows this pattern daily.

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He raced the equivalent of a 42-kilometre marathon at age 27 and won. At age 28, he decided to put himself to the test by participating in an Ironman Triathlon. The competition began with a two-kilometre swim, followed by a ninety-kilometre bike ride, and concluded with a twenty-one-kilometre run. It took him 6 hours and 14 minutes to reach the finish line.

Follow Alexandr Komashko to have a better understanding of entrepreneurship

You may keep up your daily dose of inspiration and motivation by following Alexandr Komashko, a successful entrepreneur and athlete, on Instagram. It’s commonly known that he’s an inspiration and a reliable friend to those in the Instagram community.


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