Mayor Maryland Arrested – Discover Everything You Need to Know Here!

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This article will detail the charges against the Mayor Maryland Arrested and provide details about the case proceedings.

Are you aware about the controversial arrest of Patrick Wojahn, Mayor of Maryland? Are you aware of the circumstances that led to his arrest? We will be discussing the details and the aftermath of this scandalous incident in this post if you don’t know.

Since the incident, people are talking about one story: the arrest and deportation of the Maryland mayor. There are many news outlets in America that report on the story. Take a look at the details of the post to fully understand the situation surrounding Mayor Maryland Arrested, and the actions taken against him.

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What made the Mayor of Maryland get arrested?

Patrick Wojahn (the Mayor of Maryland College Park) was arrested for possessing, and distributing explicit child material. The investigation resulted in 56 materials being found. 40 of these were under possession material charges, while 16 others were under distribution materials.

Maryland Mayor Resigns from his position on Wednesday just before the arrest. He stated that although the investigation is not related to his official work, he does not wish to cause any hindrance and resolve the matter in peace. For further guidance, please refer to the following link.

What are the effects of the arrest of the mayor?

The whole city was shocked by the news. The Mayor Pro Tem Denise Mitchell temporarily took over the duties of the mayor. Special conditions will allow for the election of the next Mayor to replace Maryland’s Mayor.

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Who is the Mayor of Maryland ?

Patrick Wojahn, 47, has been the Mayor of College Park charter since 2015. This small area falls under the jurisdiction of the University of Maryland regions. Patrick has served the community for eight years, and has been part of the council since 2007.

He was a dedicated servant during his term and the city thanked for his contribution to society as Mayor.

What was the statement of the Prince George County Police Department?

In a press conference, Malik Aziz, the police chief, stated that the state representative attorney was also present. He said that Mayor Maryland Arrested under corrections section custody, would soon be presented to the commissioner who will make a decision on his involvement.

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Then, the judge will decide whether Patrick should be released. Patrick will be presented before the judge if he is not released.


The news shocked and upset the residents. Although several pieces of evidence were found, the verdict in this case is still not final.

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