Manufacturing process of china injection mould

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From the iPhones and tablets to the televisions and toys in our homes, injection moulding is at the heart of modern manufacturing. But what exactly is this process, and where does it originate? The production of injection moulded parts has its roots in China, and has been used in manufacturing for decades. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the injection moulding process in China and explore how it has shaped the modern manufacturing industry.

Steps of the Manufacturing Process

Here are the steps of the manufacturing process for a China injection mould:

a. Designing the Mould: The first step in the manufacturing process is designing the mould. This involves creating a 3D model of the part that will be produced, as well as considering the design, material, and production costs. This step requires a great deal of skill and knowledge, as the mould must be accurately designed in order to produce an effective result.

b. Manufacturing the Mould: Once the mould has been designed, it must be manufactured. This process involves creating the mould from the 3D model, using a variety of tools and materials. The tooling and production costs must also be considered during this step.

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c. Clamping the Mould: Once the mould has been manufactured, it must be clamped in order to inject the plastic. This is done by using a clamping machine, which is designed to securely hold the mould in place while the plastic is injected.

d. Injecting the Plastic: Once the mould has been clamped, the plastic can be injected. This is done using a plastic injection machine, which uses high pressure to force the plastic into the mould cavity. The injection machine must be accurately calibrated for the material being used and the size of the mould.

e. Cooling the Plastic: Once the plastic has been injected, it must be cooled in order to solidify. This is done by running coolants or water over the mould, in order to cool the plastic quickly and efficiently.

f. Removing the Finished Part: Once the plastic has cooled and solidified, the finished part can be removed from the mould. This is done by carefully opening the mould and gently removing the part from the mould cavity.

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These are the basic steps of the manufacturing process for a China injection mould.

Common Applications of China Injection Mould

Automotive Parts

China injection mould is a popular choice for creating automotive parts due to its versatility and cost effectiveness. It can be used to create a variety of plastic components from exterior body parts to interior accessories. It is also used to create engine components and other parts that need to be incredibly durable and precise. All of the customisation options make it easy to create parts that are unique to your needs and requirements.

Home Appliances

Injection moulding is also an excellent option for creating home appliances. It is used to create everything from washing machines and fridges to kitchen appliances. The moulds can be customised to fit the exact size and shape of each appliance to ensure it fits perfectly in your home. In addition, injection moulding is a great way to create durable appliances that will last for years to come.


Injection moulding is also an essential part of creating electronics. It is used to create a variety of components from plastic buttons and knobs to enclosures and housings. This process is perfect for creating electronics with superior precision and accuracy. It also allows for a wide range of customisation options to ensure the finished product meets your exact specifications.

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Injection moulding is a great way to create packaging for products of any size. It is used to create customised containers, trays, and boxes that are perfect for transporting and storing your goods. It is also used to create plastic pallets and other components that are essential for the safe transport of goods. Injection moulding is incredibly versatile and can be used to create packaging in any size or shape.


The manufacturing process of China injection mould is a complex and intricate procedure that requires the use of precise machinery and skilled personnel. It is used for a wide variety of applications from making toys to production of automotive components. China injection moulds are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability, reliability, and quality. With the help of the latest technology, China injection moulds are now able to produce high-quality products with precise accuracy and durability.

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