How Recruitment Video Can Help Your Business

As useful as traditional recruitment methods are, ultimately, they may only bring traditional talent, which is why a recruiting video can do so much more to build a skilled and dynamic workforce. A recruitment video is a short video designed to attract qualified job candidates, like an advert for your business. Let’s dive into how recruitment videos can boost your business.

It Showcases Everything 

Instead of long-winded job descriptions on recruitment websites, you can use recruitment video production companies to create something that matches the feel of your business. If you are a vibrant and energetic company, your promotional materials must reflect this. It can be difficult to put across your personality in prose, which is why a video doesn’t just give people an understanding of what you are looking for, but it’s your platform so you can show off everything that’s brilliant about your business.

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It Enhances the Candidate Experience

You are looking for people who don’t just fit the mould of your organisation in terms of the job role, but someone who is a perfect fit with the culture, a recruitment video is the perfect opportunity to save you countless hours sifting through applications, but candidates also need the opportunity to determine whether your business is a good fit for them. Someone who can do the role may find themselves jumping ship because they found they did not gel with your business. This is the perfect opportunity to show off everything about your business so the candidates can come to the conclusion themselves if you are a match made in heaven on a cultural level, as well as in the job spec.

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You Can Reach a Wider Audience

When you think about the best ways to promote your business, video always wins hands down. Video can generate 1200% more shares on social media in comparison to images or text content. Sharing videos on Facebook or career-oriented ones like LinkedIn will create greater engagement because people are more inclined to watch and share video content. Typically, when posting a job advert on one of the many job websites it can be tougher to gauge how much interest your post will have, or whether you will be able to net a higher calibre of candidates. As the candidate can see exactly what your business is about, even if they don’t decide to apply, they can always send a video to someone else they think would be suitable.

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It Makes You More Human

There is nothing worse for prospective candidates than a long-winded job description complete with lengthy bullet points that demand “essential” experience in dozens of specific areas. When hiring the right candidate, they don’t always need to be the perfect fit for the role, because skills can be learned. It’s far better for them to be a good fit with the company so they provide long-term benefits to you. Therefore, a video can help to humanise the recruiting process. It’s not just about capturing their attention, but about capturing the minds and hearts of top candidates.



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