Does Car Insurance Covers Damages to Car Caused by an Earthquake?

According to the Indian Government’s Ministry of Home Affairs official report, about 58% of India’s landmass is prone to moderate to high-intensity earthquakes. India’s seismic history also corroborates this report, as the country has witnessed some devastating earthquakes in the past 40 years.

Therefore, you should always consider taking adequate insurance cover for your assets, including your car. A car can get severely damaged during an earthquake. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to avert such damage, as saving your loved ones become a priority during an earthquake.

So, consider proper car insurance cover for financial reimbursement if your car is damaged. But does a four-wheeler insurance cover damages to a car due to an earthquake? Let’s, find out.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Vs Third-Party Insurance

The mandatory third-party insurance doesn’t cover the own damage to the insured vehicle. So, comprehensive car insurance can be a better option as it provides coverage for both own-damage and third-party liabilities.

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But the question remains.

Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Covers Damages to the Car by an Earthquake?

Yes. Comprehensive car insurance can cover damages from natural disasters like floods, landslides, or earthquakes. So, if you have comprehensive vehicle insurance, you can recover some of your financial losses by filing an insurance claim. Moreover, you can further increase the scope of your car insurance cover by including useful add-ons like Engine Protect, Consumable Protect, or Zero Depreciation cover.

Steps to Claim Car Insurance Reimbursement After an Earthquake

You must provide concrete proof of the damages incurred by your vehicle during the earthquake. So, try to gather as much evidence as possible. Take extensive pictures of your car’s exterior and interior from various angles.

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If possible, make a separate video of the car to establish the damages due to the earthquake clearly. Then, submit all these pictures and other documents to your insurer before cleaning your car.

Try to analyse the damages incurred in terms of monetary expenses. You can take the help of a local mechanic or car garage to gauge the extent of repair needed and the potential cost involved. This can help determine if your insurer provides fair compensation against the damages incurred by your car.

An earthquake can affect a large geographical area. Therefore, insurance companies can witness a steep rise in claims after an earthquake. Therefore, inform your car insurance provider about the damages as soon as possible. This might save significant time and effort in the processing of your claim.

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You’ll not be alone in facing damages during an earthquake. So, there can be a huge number of claims to be processed after an earthquake. Therefore, it’s vital to keep track of your car insurance claim and periodically enquire about the claim status until your claim is finally settled.

No one can completely avert the damages caused by an earthquake. However, a comprehensive car insurance cover can help you get financial protection for your car if it’s damaged in an earthquake. So, it’s always wise to have adequate comprehensive vehicle insurance to keep your car financially protected from earthquakes and other natural disasters.


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