Coventry rentals, all these essential details revealed!

(a) School dormitories If the school you are going to has a specific dormitory, then that’s great. It saves you money and makes it easier to make friends. However, if you are staying at school, you will not be able to do exactly what you want in your own home, as the environment is different:

1. Once you have booked your Manchester student apartments, you will have to live in the room you have been allocated, so it is difficult to change rooms.

2. Keep the keys to your school dormitory safe and don’t presume to get another pair.

3. Boys who like to smoke must be careful not to smoke in the dormitory.

4. There are alarms in every room in the UK and there are often alarm drills in the dormitories.

5. Chinese cooking fumes can be very strong, and many foreigners may have a problem with this. It is advisable to open the windows to make it easier for people coming in behind you to eat, which is also a reflection of the quality of Chinese students.

The kitchens in the dormitories are cleaned and the rubbish is cleaned up by someone. However, it is recommended that Chinese students should tidy up their own kitchen after cooking.

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7. The deposit is usually refunded after the contract has expired and the dormitory teacher has checked the room before deciding how much to refund.

Some students decide to rent an Manchester student accommodation in the middle of the year, but for whatever reason, they must inform the dormitory office in advance. 9. If you have classmates or relatives coming to visit you, there is also a guestroom in the dormitory, which has the same facilities as other rooms in the dormitory, but the price is much cheaper than staying in a hotel outside.

(ii) Homestay is a great option for students who are really keen to experience the original life in the UK, as it is the most direct way to experience the British culture and will not only help you integrate into the local culture in a short time, but also improve your English quickly. However, in the past some homestay students have not got on very well with their families, as they cannot expect the environment to change for them, so they must adapt to it.

Some of the things we should be aware of are

1. You should take into account the habits of all your family members and to a certain extent follow the customs, working hours and eating habits of your host family, so that you can adapt more quickly to the life of your host family.

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2. Keep your room tidy, clean and tidy it regularly. When you move in, you should ask the family if they have a set washing up time to avoid conflicts with other family members or insufficient water supply.

3. Be careful when using electronic products or other supplies. If they are different from those in your home country and you do not understand them, be sure to ask family members about their usage so that you do not cause problems for them.

You should not pester family members all day long to practise your English, but rather look for opportunities to do so in the details of your daily life, so as not to turn each other off.

5. Respect the elders and members of your host family, some of the most basic manners should be done, for example, you should express your gratitude when you get help, learn to say thank you and apologise. Inform your host family’s parents if you are not going to be home for dinner or if you are going to be late.

If you have the opportunity, you should take the initiative to do some of the work, such as sweeping the floor and washing the dishes, which will further enhance the relationship between you and your host family, so why not?

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(3) Renting accommodation Every summer is the time when many international students’ rental contracts expire.

Before looking for a room, you must consider the following points in advance:

1. move-in time First of all, you must know when your existing contract expires, and you must look for a new house that can be connected to the move-in time.

When renting a property, make sure you ask what costs are included in the rent. Some houses will include miscellaneous charges such as water and electricity networks in the rent, while others do not, and the tenant needs to pay for them. It is important to calculate how much rent you can afford before you look for an apartment, so that you can be more accurate in your search and find an agent who can better recommend the right apartment for you.

3. Before you rent, you should check with your agent or landlord to make sure that all the electrical appliances in the house have been tested (Portable Appliance Testing).

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