Best Free App: Blinq, Your Digital Business Card

A new tech company wants to make your paper business cards a thing of the past. Maybe your contact details or job title have changed, or your company has a new logo. Regardless of the reason, they’re now a waste of money and time. Get ready for the Blinq card, the free digital business card app! 

How to make a killer first impression with your QR Code-Powered Business Card

The Blinq card is the new way to share your professional identity instantly, online or in-person, via digital business cards, email signatures, or video call backgrounds. This revolutionary new app wants you to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere, using your iPhone or Android device.

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Are You Making the Most of Your Digital Business Card? 

You can instantly connect and impress prospects with your QR code-powered business card.

To set it up, you can add over 20 fields to your Blinq card, including your socials, website, branding, and more. In addition, you can customize your card with logos, profile images, colors, and more. Once complete, you can also add notes to your digital cards to record key contact details.

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How to Make an Instant Connection with Your Digital Business Card

TechCrunch reports: “The app generates a QR code that shows your professional info, including social media links, as soon as someone scans it, even if they don’t have the app installed.”

Blinq cards are designed to be shared the way that works best for you. Lawyers Weekly adds: “Blinq replaces business cards and static contact apps with a live profile that can be shared via QR code, NFC card, short link, email signature or even video call background. The user can create multiple profiles to control which information they share, and with whom, and the details automatically update across all their contacts when the user amends them.” 

Your Network Is Your Net Worth: Keep Your Contacts Up-To-Date With Blinq

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Paper business cards are so old school! You should ditch them for good. Sign up for free individual or team digital business cards at

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