7 DIY Projects With Washi Tape

Washi tape is an incredibly versatile paper crafting product, available in an array of colors, patterns and designs.

Washi tape is both cost-effective and essential for DIY crafters and DIY enthusiasts. Having this trendy decorative tape on hand will save you both time and money in the long run.

1. Wall Art

Washi tape is an incredibly versatile craft material that can be used to adorn walls in various ways. It’s cost-effective and user-friendly, plus it comes in various patterns and colors.

Create stunning wall art that’s suitable for any space with ease. Studiodiy offers a selection of cactus wall art that would look fantastic in a kid’s room or more casual living areas.

Another unique wall decor idea is to craft a deer head. Not only is this project enjoyable and simple to make, but it also creates an optical illusion!

This piece is beautifully composed with strategically cut paper and layered colored tape, featuring two popular DIY wall art trends: geometric shapes and custom washi tape!

If you have an extensive collection of washi tape rolls, scatteredthoughtsofcraftymom has the perfect DIY project for organizing them. All that’s required are some dowels or rods, hangers and a panel to stack the rolls on.

2. Monograms

Monograms are an excellent way to add a personal touch to your home, plus they’re fun and easy to make with washi tape in various styles. Washi tape is ideal for making monograms because it’s cost-effective, easy to work with, and comes in an array of colors.

This DIY project is easy and perfect for kids! All you need is a wooden letter, frame, and washi tape.

These monograms make great gifts for friends and family members. Additionally, they’re a fun activity to do with the kids on their birthday or holiday.

In addition to these projects, washi tape can also be used for decorating items around the home. For instance, giving plain pencil holders an eye-catching flair.

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Another creative project you can make with washi tape is to turn it into a push pin. All you need is either a honeycomb tray or cardboard, soft board pins, adhesive glue and washi tape.

3. Faux Floor Rug

Washi tape is an accessible craft material that comes in an array of vibrant colors and patterns. You can use it for creating art, framing computer monitors, creating gift wraps or decorating furniture pieces – the possibilities are endless!

Are you searching for a way to add some vibrant color and flair to your home? Consider creating faux floor rugs using washi tape – they’re inexpensive and simple to make, plus they can easily be removed when changing up the aesthetic of your space.

These rugs can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and other parts of the home. Not only that, but they’re easy to maintain – making them an excellent addition to any space.

This sheepskin-shaped rug is the perfect way to add an air of elegance and coziness to any room. Crafted with acrylic fibers that mimic real fur, its soft suede bottom makes it comfortable on floors while being machine-safe so you can vacuum or take it outside to beat away dirt or debris.

These rugs come in a range of sizes and shapes, so you can find one that works for your space. For instance, this 2×3 foot fluffy rug would look great in either a bedroom or living room.

4. Desk Accessories

If your desk is looking a bit bland and boring, why not spice it up with some fun DIY washi tape printing projects? These budget-friendly ideas will help add some personality to your workspace without breaking the bank!

Create these eye-catching pencil cups by sticking on some rainbow washi tape. All you need is a pencil cup, scissors and some sets of tape.

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Another quick way to freshen up your workspace is by creating a planner tab using washi tape. Not only will this help keep things organized, but it’s also super cute!

You can use washi tape to mark the spines of your notebooks, making finding them much simpler. Furthermore, adding a date to the tape helps you remember which notebook was used on which day.

Finally, you can use decorative tapes to craft push pins that will help hang up clothes or other items. All you need is some adhesive glue, soft board pins, cardboard and washi tape – an easy project sure to add some personality and interest in your workspace!

5. Gift Wrap

Add a personal touch to your gift wrapping with washi tape. It’s effortless to apply, peels off if you make an error and comes in an array of themes, patterns and widths.

Add some flair to your brown paper packages by taping on pieces of washi tape on each side and front, or create shapes (like a birthday cake or Christmas tree) with wider tape. Don’t forget to finish off by attaching a gift tag as well!

Another creative use for washi tape is to transform your ordinary brown clipboard into a stylish work of art! Simply cut a strip to fit the clipboard and stick it on. If the tape is too thin and see-through, try double up on the layers!

Help your kids stay organized at school with a washi tape bookmark! It’s super simple to make and the best part is that this craft project can be done from home!

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Try adding some tape to everything from chopsticks to wine charms! These projects are straightforward enough for novices and flexible enough to adapt as your style evolves.

6. Labels

Washi tape is an incredibly useful craft item, perfect for labeling all sorts of things. From notebooks to vacation plans, the possibilities are endless with this creative craft item.

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Labels are an excellent way to personalize gifts for family and friends, showing that you took time and care in making their present unique. You can add extra touches with ribbon or other types of decorative tape, too.

For art journal enthusiasts, washi tape is a must-have item in your toolbox. Not only is it user friendly and encourages creativity, but the variety of patterns available encourages self-expression as well.

You can also use masking tape on watercolour paper to mask off areas and prevent drips or stains. Experiment with different colors and patterns for a unique aesthetic.

The beauty of washi tape is its ease of removal and design changes without damaging the surface underneath. This makes it a great choice for decorating walls or doorways.

7. Photo Frames

If you have a lot of photos that you want to showcase in your home, washi tape can be an easy and fun way to decorate them. With its various colors and patterns, there’s no limit to what designs you can create!

Create your own personalized photo frame using washi tape! This craft is great for kids or adults and takes very little time to complete.

To complete this project, you’ll need a 4×6 frame and some washi tapes in various colors and designs. Begin by unraveling some tape and placing it diagonally across one corner of the frame, about 1/2 inch from its end.

Repeat this process on all four sides of the frame to completely cover them. When you’ve finished covering everything, trim away any excess tape using the edges as a guide.

Another great use for washi tape is wrapping it around paper tags for gift wrapping. These can be customized with various colors and shapes to reflect the recipient’s style, adding a splash of vibrant color to any present!


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